Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hypertrophy Training: planner overview

To track the progression of my friend's hypertrophy workout I created a training log with OpenOffice Calc, a software like Microsoft Excel but free.
This is what a week of training looks like (click to enlarge):

We use the Strength Training Anatomy book of Delavier as reference for the exercises. The number  between brackets referred to the page of Delavier's manual.
This is a daily workout:
This image is from TUE workout.
We started with a warm-up with the skipping rope. 15 set of 30sec, 10sec between sets. Follow this, we did dynamic stretching for the upper body.

First body part worked was shoulders. We began with a superset focused on the front deltoid; after we did the Nautilus in stripping mode to isolate the deltoids and to stress them as much as possible. Last exercise for the shoulders was focused on the front deltoid too.

Second body part was upper arms.
All the exercises were executed normally and wee mainly focused on the biceps for this session.
As you can see, the triceps extension is highlighted in green. It means that my friend enjoyed this exercises or he found it very useful to pump the muscle. In this case, he felt that the squeezing was very emphasized during this movement.
On the other hand, I will highlighted an exercise in red if something went wrong (or he didn't like it).

A workout ends always with a cool down, generally a low intensity run on the treadmill, followed by 10 min of dynamic stretching.

The next image referred to the feedback.
On a scale 1 to 5, we cover fun, challenging, satisfaction, fatigue pre\post workout of the day. He also write me his weight after the training.
Training intensity is a formula (tot.reps divided by tot.sets) to have an idea of the workout load.

This is how my planner looks like!

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