Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh my God!? What is he doin'?!

Please please please Lady and Gentleman,
please. Do not panic.

I am just a sport performance analysis student (the name of this course is so cool) with a lot of free time during the day; and I pay a lot for this free time too.

As you may know, boredom is unproductive. You realize this when, at 2.19am of Monday night, you are on wikipedia reading about worms life and death.
So, the next phase of boredom is action. I decided to publish a blog. "Why?" you might ask... well, here there are your answers:
a) I like writing
b) I can improve my written English
c) I already know everything about worms
d) It might help my university journey.

Next step is to keep the blog update. It might sound stupid, but when you begin something you like you are always enthusiastic about it. This is the way I fell right now: I have a lot of ideas and lot of posts that I would like to write.
On the other hand, I know myself very well. I start projects and complete a quarter of them. Still, 25% is not too bad; hopefully this blog is within that quarter.

See ya around boys and girls!

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